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IIIA Team @ ARES: Team for Advanced Research on Information Security and Privacy
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Consolider Project CSD2007-00004

ARES Leader @IIIA:
IIIA members:
Regular international cooperation:
Research topics @IIIA @ARES:
  • Privacy-preserving data mining
  • Record linkage
  • Statistical disclosure control
  • Data privacy in general

The ARES-IIIA team: The group on privacy at the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (IIIA) has a recognized international position in the area of information privacy. Its research has been published in major journals and conferences. The team has attracted European, American, Spanish and Catalan funding.
Vicenç Torra, the leader of the group, is a member of the editorial board of several journals (among them, the Journal of Privacy Technology), serves regularly in major conferences, is author of several books (e.g. Modeling Decisions: Information Fusion and Aggregation Operators, Springer, 2007) and co-founder in 2004 with Y. Narukawa of the conference series Modeling Decisions for Artificial Intelligence, whose successive editions he has co-chaired ever since.
For more information visit the web page of Vicenç Torra.
IIIA: The Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (IIIA) belongs to the Spanisch Council for Scientific Research (CSIC), Spain's largest public institution devoted to research and technological development. The IIIA is a leading research center in Europe in the areas of information privacy, multiagent systems, machine learning and uncertainty reasoning. The IIIA is located in the campus of the Autonomous University of Catalonia (UAB) and leads the university's master on doctoral studies in artificial intelligence
The context: The ARES research project is a large Spanish project involving 6 research groups: University Rovira i Virgili (Prof. Josep Domingo, ARES co-ordinator), IIIA-CSIC (Dr. Vicenç Torra), UOC-Open University of Catalonia (Dr. Jordi Herrera), UPC-Technical University of Catalonia (Prof. Miquel Soriano), UIB-University of the Balearic Islands (Dr. Josep Lluis Ferrer), UMA-University of Malaga (Dr. Javier Lopez).


IIIA - Institut d'Investigació en Intel·ligència Artificial

CSIC - Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas

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