Dr. Andrew Koster





I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, but spent most of my childhood in The Netherlands, where we moved when I was four years old. I lived there with my parents and brother, until I finished secondary school. The year after I graduated, I went to Argentina, on a cultural exchange program. When I got back to The Netherlands, I moved to Utrecht, where I studied Computer Science at the University. Two friends and I lobbied for the founding of the Dutch Aibo Team, with which we competed in the Robocup 4-legged League in Lisbon. The team continued and participated in Osaka, but I had the opportunity to do the research for my Master's thesis at the University of Melbourne, in Australia. I spent a year in Australia and upon my return completed my MSc. I worked at a software company for 2 years before accepting a scholarship in the Consolider program, to do my PhD at the IIIA, in Barcelona.

Since moving to Barcelona I am updating my travel blog again. You can read that at andrew.whereareyou.net.


At the end of June I will move to Porto Allegre, where I will become a postdoctoral fellow at the UFRGS. Until then I will enjoy my life with my girlfriend and friends in Barcelona. When not working on my research, I spend my time playing computer games, reading, climbing or sailing. I crew on a yacht called Tete (Facebook group) and we compete in the regattas most weekends. For more news on these activities you can read my blog, linked above.