TitleA proof procedure for possibilistic logic programming with fuzzy constants
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsAlsinet T, Godo L
EditorBenferhat S, Besnard P(eds.)
Conference NameLecture notes in artificial intelligence

In a recent work we defined a possibilistic logic programming language, called PGL+, dealing with fuzzy propositions and with a fuzzy unification mechanism. The proof system, modus ponens-style, was shown to be complete when restricted to a class of Horn clauses satisfying two types of constraints. In this paper we complete the definition of the logic programming system. In particular, we first formalize a notion of PGL+ program and discuss the two types of constraints (called modularity and context constraints) we argue they must satisty; second, we extend the PGL+ calculus with a chaining and fusion mechanism whose application ensures the fulfillment of the modularity constraint; and finally, we define an efficient (as much as possible) proof procedure oriented to goals wich is complete for PGL+ programs satisfying the context constraint.