TitleTowards the definition of fuzzy measures for fuzzy systems
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsTorra V, Narukawa Y
EditorB. Baets etal.
Conference NameCurrent issues in data and knoledge engineering. Proceedings of EUROFUSE 2004
PublisherAkademicka oficyna wydawnicza EXIT

Standard (one stage or at) fuzzy inference systems compute an output value applying all the rules at once to a set of input values, and then combining the results obtained by all the rules. However, in such approach independence on the rules play a central role. In this paper we point out the di_culties of building such systems when rules are not independent and, then, we propose an approach based on the Sugeno integral to solve the problem. Keywords: Fuzzy inference systems, fuzzy rules, Sugeno integral.