TitleCoherence-Driven Argumentation to Norm Consensus
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsJoseph S, Prakken H
Conference NameICAIL-09 Twelfth International Conference on ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE and LAW
Conference LocationBarcelona
KeywordsArgumentation, deductive coherence, norm deliberation, normative agents

In this paper coherence-based models are proposed as an alternative to logic-based BDI and argumentation models for the reasoning of normative agents. A model is provided for how two coherence-based agents can deliberate on how to regulate a domain of interest. First a deductive coherence model presented, in which the coherence values are derived from the deduction relation of an underlying logic; this makes it possible to identify the reasons for why a proposition is accepted or rejected. Then it is shown how coherence-driven agents can generate candidate norms for deliberation, after which a dialogue protocol for such deliberations is proposed. The resulting model is compared to current logic-based argumentation systems for deliberation over action.