TitleExtracting semantic information from an on-line Carnatic music forum
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsSordo M, Serrà J, Koduri GK, Serra X
Conference NameInt. Soc. for Music Information Retrieval Conf. (ISMIR)
Conference LocationPorto, Portugal
Date Published08/10/2012

By mining user-generated text content we can obtain music-related information that could not otherwise be extracted from audio signals or symbolic score representations. In this paper we propose a methodology for extracting musically-relevant semantic information from an online discussion forum, rasikas.org, dedicated to the Carnatic music tradition. For that we define a dictionary of relevant terms such as raagas, taalas, performers, composers, and instruments, and create a complex network representation by matching such dictionary against the forum posts. This network representation is used to identify popular terms within the forum, as well as relevant co-occurrences and semantic relationships. This way, for instance, we are able to guess the instrument of a performer with 95% accuracy, to discover the confusion between two raagas with different naming conventions, or to infer semantic relationships regarding lineage or musical influence. This contribution is a first step towards the creation of ontologies for a culture-specific art music tradition.