TitleToward a Knowledge Transfer Model of Case-Based Inference
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsOntañón S, Plaza E
Conference NameTwenty-Fifth International Florida Artificial Intelligence Research Society Conference
PublisherAAAI Press
Conference LocationMarco Island, Florida USA
Date Published23 May 2012
ISBN NumberISBN 978-1-57735-558-8
KeywordsAmalgam, analogy, CBR

While similarity and retrieval in case-based reasoning (CBR) have received a lot of attention in the literature, other aspects of CBR, such as case reuse are less un- derstood. Specifically, we focus on one of such, less understood, problems: knowledge transfer. The issue we intend to elucidate can be expressed as follows: what knowledge present in a source case is transferred to a target problem in case-based inference? This pa- per presents a preliminary formal model of knowledge transfer and relates it to the classical notion of analogy.