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Fernando Bobillo, Marco Cerami, Francesc Esteva, Angel García-Cerdaña, Rafael Peñaloza, Umberto Straccia; Fuzzy Description Logic. Handbook of Mathematical Fuzzy Logic - volume 3; In Press.
Francesc Esteva, Angel García-Cerdaña, Lluís Godo; Smooth finite t-norms and their equational axiomatization. Issues in the Mathematics of Fuzziness. Dedicated to Professor Gaspar Mayor; In Press.
F. Bobillo, M. Cerami, F. Esteva, A. Garcia-Cerdaña, R.Peñaloza, U.Straccia; Fuzzy Description Logics. Studies in Logic; 2015.
Pilar Dellunde, Angel García-Cerdaña, Carles Noguera; Lowenheim-Skolem theorems for first-order algebraizable logics. The Second Israeli Workshop on Non-Classical Logics and their Applications (ISRALOG'14); 2014.
Marco Cerami, Angel García-Cerdaña, Francesc Esteva; On finitely-valued Fuzzy Description Logics. International Journal of Appoximate Reasoning (; 2014.
Eva Armengol, Angel García-Cerdaña; Refining Discretizations of Continuous-Valued Attributes. The 9th International Conference on Modeling Decisions for Artificial Intelligence; 2012.
Angel García-Cerdaña; On Some Implication-free Fragments of Substructural and Fuzzy Logics. Monografies de l'Institut d'Investigació en Intel·ligència Artificial; 2008.
Romà Adillon, Angel García-Cerdaña, Ventura Verdú; On some classical fragments of t-norm based fuzzy logics. Information Processing and Management of Uncertainty in Knowledge-Based Systems IPMU 2006; 2006.
Fèlix Bou, Angel García-Cerdaña, Ventura Verdú; Analysis of two fragments of the logic of residuated lattices. Proceedings of CombLog'04. Workshop on Combination of Logics: Theory and Applications; 2004.
Angel García-Cerdaña, Carles Noguera, Francesc Esteva; On definability of additive connectives in fuzzy logics. Tenth international conference information processing and management of uncertainty in knowledge-based systems. IPMU 2004; 2004.
Fèlix Bou, Angel García-Cerdaña, Ventura Verdú; On some Substructural Aspects of t-Norm Based Logics. Proceedings of the Tenth International Conference IPMU 2004. Information Processing and Management of Uncertainty in Knowledge-Base Systems; 2004.
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