09 Octubre 2007
Marc Esteva

Nowadays there is a growing demand for applications which successfully integrate humans and computer programs. Such applications are a kind of open systems and Multi Agent Systems (MAS) view is perfectly suitable for them. However, the incorporation of humans into MAS has not been carefully studied. In general, human role is limited to acting behind the scenes by customising templates of the agents that participate in the system on humans behalf. In this seminar I will present an overview on the work in 3D Electronic Institutions, a concept that appeared from the combination of Electronic Institutions and 3D Virtual Worlds. 3D Virtual Worlds is one of the few technologies that provides all the necessary means for direct human inclusion into software systems. They are software generated environments which emulate real world using 3-dimensional visualisation where participants are represented as graphical embodied characters (avatars). Thus, we advocate that 3D Virtual Worlds technology can be successfully used for