TítuloModels of Interaction as a Grounding for Peer-to-Peer Knowledge Sharing
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsRobertson D, Barker A, Besana P, Bundy A, Chen-Burger Y-H, Dupplaw D, Giunchiglia F, van Harmelen F, Hassan F, Kotoulas S, Lambert D, Li G, McGinnis J, McNeill F, Osman N, de Pin APerreau
JournalLNCS Advances in Web Semantics

Most current attempts to achieve reliable knowledge sharing on a large scale have relied on pre-engineering of content and supply services. This, like traditional knowledge engineering, does not by itself scale to large, open, peer to peer systems because the cost of being precise about the absolute semantics of services and their knowledge rises rapidly as more services participate. We describe how to break out of this deadlock by focusing on semantics related to interaction and using this to avoid dependency on a priori semantic agreement; instead making semantic commitments incrementally at run time. Our method is based on interaction models that are mobile in the sense that they may be transferred to other components, this being a mechanism for service composition and for coalition formation. By shifting the emphasis to interaction (the details of which may be hidden from users) we can obtain knowledge sharing of su?cient quality for sustainable communities of practice without the barrier of complex meta-data provision prior to community formation.