Reasoning and Logic Department
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31 January 2018 to 30 January 2023
59 Publications
Tommaso Flaminio, Tomas Kroupa; Characterization of Generalized Necessity Functions in Lukasiewicz Logic. Nonlinear Mathematics for Uncertainty and Its Applications; 2011.
Simone Bastianoni, Fabiana Morandi, Tommaso Flaminio, Riccardo Pulselli, Elisa B. P. Tiezzi; Emergy and emergy algebra explained by means of ingenuous set theory. Ecological Modelling; 2011.
Tommaso Flaminio, Lluís Godo, Enrico Marchioni, C. Fermueller, Lluís Godo, Petr Hájek; Reasoning about Uncertainty of Fuzzy Events: an Overview. Understanding Vagueness - Logical, Philosophical, and Linguistic Perspectives; 2011.
Simone Bova, Tommaso Flaminio; The coherence of Lukasiewicz assessments is NP-complete. International Journal of Approximate reasoning; 2010.
Tommaso Flaminio, Hykel Hosni; On Conditional Many-valued Events Alegbras. Algebra and Probability in Many Valued Logics; 2009.
Tommaso Flaminio, Elisa B. P. Tiezzi; On Metric Temporal Lukasiewicz Logic. Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science; 2009.
Simone Bova, Tommaso Flaminio; On the complexity of de Finetti coherence of Lukasiewicz events. Logical Models of Reasoning with Vague Information; 2009.
Tommaso Flaminio, Hykel Hosni; Towards an algebraic framework for many-valued conditional probability. Progic 2009: 4th Workshop on Combining Probability and Logic; 2009.
Tommaso Flaminio, G. Michele Pinna, Elisa B. P. Tiezzi; A complete fuzzy logical system to deal with trust management systems. Fuzzy Sets and Systems; 2008.
Davide Ciucci, Tommaso Flaminio; Generalized rough approximations in LPI 1/2. International Journal of Appoximate Reasoning; 2008.
Tommaso Flaminio; Strong non-standard completeness for fuzzy logics. Soft Computing - A Fusion of Foundations, Methodologies and Applications; 2008.

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