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Classic and Multivalued Logic: foundations and computational applications
Dec 2001 - Dec 2004
Main researcher
Project description
The current project is focused on propositional logic as a foundation for computer science. We will study classical logic, as well as multivalued logic, looking at the foundation of multivalued logic based on t-norms, and the proof theory of both logics. Moreover, we will apply this knowledge to automated deduction, hardware verification and implementation of heuristics for computationally hard problems. The topics will be: logic and algebraic foundation of multivalued logic; applications to this logics to the study of approximate reasoning for further creation of intelligent systems; study of classical deduction systems from the point of view of computational complexity; extension to multivalued logic of the results obtained in classical proof theory; theoretical foundation of automated deduction; algorithms and implementations of classical SAT and signed SAT (multivalued), as well as implementations of proof systems.
Research Line
Approximate Reasoning and Soft computing