Multiagent Systems Department

The activity of this group focuses on the design and development of multi-agent systems, namely open and distributed systems composed of intelligent agents, which are endowed with coordination mechanisms to help them collectively solve problems.

Learning Systems Department

The research activity of this group encompasses developing machine learning techniques, from case-based learning and reasoning to probabilistic learning, and their application to robotics, privacy-preserving data mining, music and multiagent systems.

Reasoning and Logic Department

The activity of this group is centered around the logic and mathematic modelization of reasoning, and the design of algorithms for solving constraint-based problems and satisfiability.

Technology transfer

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Current news

14 June 2018

The Fundación Consejo España China promotes the relationship between Spain and China.

11 March 2018

The project is entitled "Playing and Singing for the Recovering Brain: Efficacy of Enriched Social-Motivational Musical Interve

09 March 2018

IIIA researchers Pilar Dellunde and Nardine Osman have got a RecerCaixa 2017 grant for their project “AppPhil: Applied Philosop