La actividad de este grupo se centra en el diseño y desarrollo de sistemas multiagentes, entendidos como sistemas abiertos  y distribuidos compuestos de agentes inteligentes, equipados con mecanismos de coordinación que les permiten la resolución de problemas de forma colectiva.

Proyectos actuales
  • The Internet of Us
    Ene 2019 - Dic 2022
    (Main researcher:Nardine Osman)
  • Technology for Conflict Resolution
    Mayo 2017 - Abr 2020
    (Main researcher:Pablo Noriega)
  • Collectiveware: Highly-parallel algorithms for collective intelligence
    Jun 2017 - Jun 2019
    (Main researcher:Juan A. Rodríguez-Aguilar)
  • Artificial Intelligence for Finance
    Mayo 2018 - Abr 2019
    (Main researcher:Pere García)
Últimas noticias
Nov 2018

A system for a combined Machine and Human feedback for learning music was the ultimate objective of the IIIA-CSIC’s coordinated European project PRAISE. From this point, the IIIA-CSIC has been consolidating an R&D line aimed at providing AI Algorithms and Systems for a Smart Education. The team led by Carles Sierra and Juan Antonio Rodriguez-Aguilar has developed AI-driven team formation and peer assessment algorithms that have been accepted by the educational sector and by the AI scientific community. The team presented their work in world-leading conferences such as Frontiers in Education (FIE 2018) held in San José, EEUU and at The 21st International Conference on Principles and Practice of Multi-Agent Systems (PRIMA 2018) in Tokio.

On November 16th, Dr Carles Sierra will talk in the “World AI & Adaptive Learning Education Summit” hosted by, Yixue Squirrel AI Learning, and IEEE Learning Technology Standards Committee. The summit will bring together the top lineups of industry, academia and research circles in China and abroad. The summit will count with the participation of  Robert Pearlstein, Vice president of SRI International Research Institute, and Michael Yudelson, Senior research scientist of the ACT study group of the American University Entrance Examination Organization, and other top scholars. The founders of education and entrepreneurship companies such as; and the founders of Knewton, Byju's, DreamBox, Duolingo, ALEKS, AltSchool and other foreign influential AI intellectual adaptation education companies will gather in Beijing to discuss AI wisdom to adapt to hot topics.

Jul 2017

The CCCB's activity “Visibilitzant la crisi humanitària a Europa des de l’experiència de persones refugiades”, included the projection of the documentary Invisibles (25 ', 2016),  the IIIA-CSIC’s project uHelp - - and a round table with the Catalan Syrian Bakri Bouchi; Ángela Martínez, representing the group of voluntary professionals of SOS Refugiats, and Blanca Garcés a researcher in migrations of CIDOB. The activity intended to raise awareness of the delicate situation of the refugees in the world. For additional information about uHelp project please see:


Jul 2017

The goal of this app is to help vulnerable communities to establish social relations among its users as well as strengthen trustful social connections among them