10 novembre 2016
Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana- México & IIIA-CSIC
Santiago Negrete

Computational Creativity (CC) has been an active area of research in recent years because of both: the interest on creativity as a scientific topic, a quintessential trait of human cognitive abilities, as well as its application to various areas of development such as new media, games, music and more. In this talk I will describe work we do at UAM to develop a system to produce animatics, an essential work product in the process to create animations. The project is designed to be developed within a well established team of people who produce an award-winning series of animated shorts for tv and study how a system intervenes the process as well as how it can contribute creatively to the overall effort. While working on it, and drawing from our experience, we have developed a framework to plan and assess the system, which we think generalizes to other areas where computing systems are used for creative action. I will discuss such a framework –called Apprentice Framework-- and stress its positive qualities to conceptualize CC projects. The talk will try to emphasize ideas and problems rather than technical details and, if time permits, I will talk about other projects and extensions we have in the making.