TítolSemantic Interoperability and Integration. Executive Summary
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2005
AuthorsKalfoglou Y, Schorlemmer M, Uschold M., Sheth A., Staab S.
EditorIBFI Schloss Dagstuhl

Semantic interoperability and integration is concerned with the use of explicit semantic descriptions to facilitate information and systems integration. Due to the widespread importance of integration, many disparate communities have tackled this problem. They have developed a wide variety of overlapping but complementary technologies and approaches. The seminar had the following objectives: 1. To stimulate collaboration between diverse communities bound by common objectives in the area of semantic interoperability and integration; 2. To lay the foundation for a framework and a theory for understanding and classifying technologies for semantic interoperability and integration; 3. To set the research agenda for this area with the long-term aim of building a “research pipeline” for creating and disseminating results in industry.