TítolAn agent architecture for simultaneous bilateral negotiations
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsFabregues A, Sierra C
Conference NameWorkshop on Agent-based Complex Automated Negotiations, ACAN-2010
Conference LocationToronto
Date Published11/05/2010
Paraules clauagent architectures, dipgame, diplomacy game, simultaneous bilateral negotiation

In this paper we introduce an agent architecture that is suitable for joint action plan negotiation among several agents in complex environments and with negotiation time bounds. The architecture is based on a graded BDI model to drive the decisions that the agent makes. The practical reasoning explores the space of possible deals with the help of a genetic algorithm that copes with the potentially sheer amount of joint plans. Beliefs represent the agent's view of the world. Before starting negotiating the agent summarises all what she knows into the five dimensions of the LOGIC negotiation model. This summary is used to decide what to say next and whom to say it to in order to sign deals on joint plans. This work does not yet include experimental results but it is going to be tested using the DipGame testbed (http://www.dipgame.org)