Project ANERIS


The objective of the subproject ANERIS-L is using the autonomous probe sensors data as input for an intelligent module  that will determine the best N depth levels at which samples will be obtained for each submersion.

Machine Learning techniques will be applied to data produced by probe simulations with the goal of acquiring a model for intelligent depth selection (IDS). This model has as input the optical sensor data and outputs the best N depth levels for obtaining samples.


Sub-Project ANERIS-L

The ANERIS probe will consist of four modules, developed by four CSIC Institutes:

  1. 1) Sensor Systems : ANERIS -S, Sensors (Unitat de Tecnologia Marina, UTM)

  2. 2) Recollection System : ANERIS- B, Biology (Institut de Ciències del Mar, ICM)

  3. 3)Vertical Navigation System : ANERIS- C, Control (Instituto de Automática Industrial, IAI)

  4. 4) Intelligent Decision System : ANERIS- L, Learning (Institut d'Investigació en Intel·ligència Artificial, IIIA)

Development of an Intelligent Oceanographic Probe with Autonomous Sampling Capabilities

Project: ANERIS (PIF08-015-02)

Team: Enric Plaza (PI), Josep Lluis Arcos, Eva Armengol, Ramon López de Mántaras.

LSD - Learning Systems Department

IIIA - Artificial Intelligence Research Institute

CSIC - Spanish Council for Scientific Research